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Our Story

Percolate is elevating the tea game in LA offering premium loose leaf based drinks served iced, hot or with yummy boba. Don't worry we will sell you the leaves to take home as well.  Tea prepared at the correct temperature for the correct amount of time is what sets Percolate apart.  We may lead with tea but our pour-over coffee & espresso drinks paired with vegan and gluten-free baked goods are not to be missed!  

The in-store customer experience at Percolate is all about efficiency with digital self-order kiosks and a variety of mobile ordering options.  Spend more time enjoying your drink and say goodbye to annoying lines with Percolate.

The Tea

Percolate only uses loose leaf tea that is deliberately prepared at the correct temperature for the correct amount of time.  Green tea is very delicate and often needs a cooler temperature and less steeping time for the perfect taste while a black tea can be steeped longer at a higher temperature because it has been fully oxidized.  Our large steeping vessel allows water to pass through the entire tea leaf while extracting the unique flavor, wonderful aromas and rich antioxidants.  

The Coffee

At Percolate we believe in the same attention to detail with our coffee as we do with our tea.  This is why we only use the Chemex pour-over method to have complete control of each cup to maximize the flavor profile of our locally roasted coffee. Our baristas have been trained by true experts to ensure the best flavor is extracted from the coffee with our espresso and cold brew selections.

The Baked Goods

Pairing our coffee or tea with one of our baked goods is a delight any time of day.  Percolate offers gluten-free and vegan options so everyone can enjoy our locally baked goodies.

Why wait?...Percolate